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Another Plaid Shirt 

I’m almost embarrassed to tell you guys how many plaid shirts I own.. but when this one went on sale, I couldn’t say no!!🙈 I love the TNA brand of plaid shirts you can buy at Aritzia. They are prob the best out of all the plaid shirts I’ve tried and that’s really saying something because I’ve tested quite a few of them!! They are made from such a high quality cotton and usually fit a little looser and longer which is what I like in a plaid shirt. If you only purchase one plaid shirt, let it be one from Aritzia. Or… buy a bunch of different brands in different colours/cuts/styles like me because plaid is awesome and will never go out of style!😜 One of my fav ways to wear a plaid shirt is with a vest – it’s so easy/casual but also pretty trendy right now.

The jeans I’m wearing are similar to these ones (as I mentioned in other posts – my Black Orchid jeans are my most comfiest and runner up to my all time fav jeans, these.) My booties are a couple years old but here are a similar pair by the same brand. I like that the ones I linked have a thick heel more than the ones I’m wearing, which have a hidden wedge. My trusty watch you can find here – but stay tuned because I’ve officially decided I need to buy a second watch and have my sights set on a beauty!😍

What’s your fav way to wear plaid?!

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