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True Religion Denim Jacket 

One of the items I bought while in Calgary last weekend was this jean jacket! I wasn’t looking for (nor did I need a new jean jacket!😬), but my friend found it on an unreal sale sooo 3/4 of us ended up getting one!!😂🙈 I can’t find my exact one online – it may have been on such a good sale because it’s a season or two old?! But here is one in a very similar style and also on an unreal sale right now!! I’ve never owned a jean jacket from True Religion because I always found them to be too pricey for what they were. But I’m so happy this one was on a sweet sale because it is such a nice jacket! It is such a good quality of jean and has a lot more stretch than I thought it would. I also was amped on the wash – I love lighter wash denim. I mean I love all denim, but light wash holds a special place in my heart.💜 The tank that I’m wearing underneath is similar to this one, but has thinner straps. It’s one of my favs to wear under jackets because it puffs out just the right amount due to the peplum bottom, and I find it has a nicer shape when worn with a jacket instead of without. I’ve been wearing my new “jeans” from Guess that I talk about in this post on repeat lately – they are so fantastic!! You can find them here. My only complaint with them is that they are actually a  little long on me (that never happens!!🤔) so I may take them to get hemmed. Or I may not because I’m lazy. 

My booties you can find here – super comfortable, I’m so happy I bought them! My scarf is an oldie that I wear quite often, but here is a very similar one. 

What’s your favorite wash for a jean jacket?! 

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