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The Perfect Pair of Ripped Jeans

I finally found them – I’ve been on the hunt for months trying to find the perfect pair of ripped jeans. What were my requirements? Skinny but slightly relaxed, a lighter wash, and most importantly holes in flattering places! These jeans checked all of my boxes ✔️✔️✔️. I found them at Nordstrom while we were in Arizona – The bonus? They cost less than I would regularly spend for a pair of good jeans! I love that the holes are right at the kneecap area. I cannot tell you how many pairs of ripped/distressed jeans I tried on where the holes were above the knee, which always seemed to highlight my bulging fat. (Sorry for the not so pretty picture there guys!) But alas, I found the perfect pair for me and the search is over! (*Update: after wearing them all day, they did stretch out quite a bit so I would recommend going down a size!!) It’s still pretty chilly here with the wind, so I paired them with this plaid shirt which I tied at the bottom to emphasize the higher waist of my jeans and a flowy cardi similar to this one.

My earrings are these ones – I feel like all I wear these days are studs. Partly because I don’t like how some dangly earrings look with my shorter hair, but mainly because I know V will rip my ear out if she notices something sparkly that she can grab onto haha. My watch (which I found on sale for you guys!!) you can find here and my booties are these ones. 

Jeans // Plaid Shirt // Cardigan (similar) // Booties // Watch

Looking forward to wearing these jeans alllll summer!

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