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Blue Striped Midi Dress

Blue Striped Midi Dress

I just got the cutest little blue striped midi dress in the mail the other day from Daisy Love Boutique! It’s the perfect dress to just “throw on and go”. It is a very stretchy, light weight cotton material. I don’t own a whole lot of midi dresses because I find some sit at a weird spot on me due to being on the taller side. This one however, I like because it’s a tiny bit shorter than some of the other midis I’ve tried. Also…it has POCKETS so I was an immediate fan of this dress. I didn’t own a dress in this pretty light blue colour, so was super excited to add this dress to my closet! I wasn’t going to share this buuut what the heck. I also wanted this dress because I think it would make an excellent maternity dress! NO – I AM NOT PREGGO AGAIN….yet. But I plan to be in the future.. so the stretch and flow of this dress would be perfect for a maternity wardrobe! It’s always a good idea to pick pieces that you know you’ll be able to wear again in the future! 😉

I wanted to keep it simple and casual the day that I wore this dress so paired it with my favourite chucks that you can find here and these sparkle ball earrings. Next time I think I’ll maybe wear it with either a statement necklace/jacket and sandal wedges.

Daisy Love has soo many new cute spring/summer dresses right now – go check them out! And if you find something you like, use my discount code KITEEN20 to get 20% off your purchase!!

Dress // Chucks

What are your thoughts on midi dresses?!

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