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Go-To Holiday Outfit 2017

Go-To Holiday Outfit 2017

I have to be honest – I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to wear to holiday parties/Christmas dinners this year! I felt like there was so many new items I wanted to buy, but couldn’t justify the price tag for one or two nights of wear. The struggle was real – until I found a discounted fur vest. I have been eyeing up fur vests (and recommending them to you guys! haha) for what seems like years. They are so freakin’ adorable & chic but often SO expensive. At least the higher quality ones that I was looking at were. This outfit is the perfect not-trying-too-hard-but-still-festive-ish look! I recently wore this outfit to a friend’s Christmas supper and plan to pull it out again over this weekend. I love the clean white long sleeve shirt I’m wearing underneath (I’ll save going into full detail about my love for this shirt for a future blog post!) and these black jeans to keep the outfit more on the casual side and simple.

My shoes are these beauties – I LOOOVE them. I feel the instantly amped up this outfit. One (of the many) good problems about not having any snow this winter so far – I’m not afraid to pull out my suede booties more regularly!Holiday outfit - fur vest Holiday outfit - fur vest Holiday outfit - fur vest

Heck, I might even get real crazy and pair my fur vest with my sequins pants for New Years – YOLO – right?!

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