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Clothing That Makes Me Feel Badass

Clothing That Makes Me Feel Badass

If you know me, you know that I’m as far from badass as it gets! I don’t drink or go out that often. I’m in bed by 9 pretty much every night. I like to crochet and listen to my Celine Dion album. (no, I’m not kidding lol) Buuut sometimes, I want to feel like I AM badass, ya know what I mean?! So when I’m feeling in a certain mood, I throw on my black leather jacket and beanie.

These are the two things in my closet I count on to make me feel more rebellious than I actually am! It’s funny (and amazing) how an item or two of clothing can totally alter the mood/vibe of a person. That’s one of the reasons I love clothes and styling them so much – you can create whatever type of image you want with them!

Use your clothes to help portray to people who you are (or in my case who I sometimes wish I was.. hahaha). I know there are people out there reading this that would say to me clothes should not define who you are and that I sound superficial. I get where they’re coming from.. but I think those people are wrong! How you portray yourself to the world DOES matter and is a direct reflection of how you view yourself. Image matters – it’s definitely not everything – but it does matters.

So what version of yourself are you going to share with the world today?!

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