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A Guide to Successful Print Mixing

A Guide to Successful Print Mixing

Most people’s initial gut reaction when the term “print mixing” is mentioned is YIKES! There seems to be a fear (or maybe it’s just lack of knowledge?) when it comes to putting an outfit together that includes two or more different prints. I get it, you don’t want it to look like you couldn’t decide what to wear & ended up just throwing on all of your favourite colours & prints at once. The struggle with prints is real sometimes.

It can be tricky to figure out what patterns work well together & why. But have no fear, because today I’m sharing some foolproof guidelines to follow when it comes to print mixing. You’ll be confidently mixing your favourite patterns & prints in no time!

Monochromatic or Neutral Patterns

This guideline is so important – especially when you are just wanting to test out print mixing for the first time. Stick to at least one print being a neutral pattern! ¬†These types of patterns are the easiest to mix & go with literally everything. Think stripes, polka dots, gingham… they are your new BFF.

Size Matters

This one is also super crucial to perfecting the art of mixing prints. If you are wanting to mix two or more different prints, you need to consider the size of each print. If you decide you really want to wear pants that have a large floral pattern on them for example, ensure that the top you wear is a smaller printed striped shirt. It’s all about balance when it comes to print mixing – if one print is large, the other should be small.

One Unifying Colour

Another way to help create a cohesive outfit while print mixing, is to find a unifying colour that is present in each print. Finding two different prints with at least one similar colour shows that you thoughtfully planned out your outfit. It also just looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye when you wear colours that compliment one another instead of clash!

Spread Out The Love

Though there’s nothing wrong with pairing a printed jacket and a blouse in an entirely different pattern, it can end up looking too busy. To avoid this from happening, just choose one print to be on your top half and the other to be on the bottom. For example, you could pair a monochromatic printed blouse on the top and a super cute, colourful printed skirt (or heels – but not both!) on the bottom.

Play Around with Texture

This is not a necessity when it comes to print mixing – but I think it makes an outfit even more fun & interesting! Playing with different textures of prints can really make an outfit stand out. If you’re feeling up to it, try mixing a silk polka dot blouse with suede leopard heels!Print mixing 101: stripes & leopardPrint mixing 101: stripes & leopardPrint mixing 101: stripes & leopardNow that you have some new guidelines to follow when it comes to mixing prints, take a look in your closet and see what you can come up with! Don’t forget to share the result with me over on Facebook or Instagram!

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