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Blue Suede Moto Jacket from H&M

Blue Suede Moto Jacket from H&M

I’ll be the first to admit, the size of my suede moto jacket collection is getting slightly ridiculous! But as soon as I saw this moto jacket at the Grand Opening of H&M in Regina a couple weeks ago, I knew I HAD to have it.

It is the perfect light blue pastel colour for spring and summer. And although I have a few moto jackets, none are like this one! I’m not usually one to gravitate towards cooler tones – generally, I’m more of an earthy tone type of gal. But that’s exactly why I felt I needed to have this jacket. I’ve been trying to challenge myself recently to pull colours I usually don’t go for & create new outfits based on those different colour tones. My light grey jeans (Which are also newish. They’re suuper stretchy and comfortable!) work perfectly with the cooler tone vibe I was going for here.

I wanted to keep this outfit pretty clean and basic (what a shocker, I know lol) so opted for a simple white flattering t-shirt and these taupe booties. If I wanted to play off the light pastel blue a bit more, I could have worn a floral patterned top that had some red tones in it, as they are considered complimentary colours!

I have already been thinking about how to incorporate this fab jacket into more looks this spring/summer. With high waisted jeans, over top of floral summer dresses, a midi skirt… How would you style it?!

How many moto jackets are too many!1? #askingforafriend

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