My Experience with Swimco in Kelowna, BC

My Experience with Swimco in Kelowna, BC

I’m writing this the day I got back from being in Kelowna with the Swimco team, so the shoot and my entire experience is fresh in my mind. Cause ya know, #mombrain.

Let’s start from the beginning. I got an email a few months ago from Raquel, the Marketing Manager at Swimco explaining the campaign and offering me the opportunity. I remember rereading the email 4 TIMES & got my husband/sister-in-law to read it as well because I initially thought it was spam or an opportunity I could apply for. It didn’t fully register with me that I was personally being invited to join the campaign until my sister-in-law said “no Kit, they specifically want YOU!”

I was to the moon excited when I realized the magnitude of the opportunity I was getting, so I quickly agreed & signed the contract. But even after signing the contract, I was still doubtful and nervous. How could a company as big as Swimco possibly want someone like me: a small town mom with under 10K followers and zero modelling experience – especially modelling in a swimsuit!

Upon arriving in Kelowna and meeting the whole team, my doubts and insecurities washed away. As soon as I came to the door, I was greeted with a big smile and a hug from each of the lovely women that make up the Swimco dream team. We stayed up late and ate delicious snacks (that were definitely not low fat despite the fact I was about to get into multiple swimsuits the next morning😜) and talked about life. Thats when I first realized, these were my kind of people.

The next morning myself and the two other influencers (Ashlyn & Raoul) who were scheduled to shoot that day, got up and had some breakfast and then we were introduced to the photographer, videographer, and makeup artist who would be working with us all day. They are all a bunch of beauties – check out their Instagram feeds to see for yourself!

Shoot day was long, but SO MUCH FUN. We shot a couple looks at the gorgeous house we slept in the night before and then moved to the cutest B&B, Apothic for the afternoon. The whole team helped to make us feel comfortable and made sure we stayed hydrated and protected from the sun (it was 30 degrees that day!)

The day ended far too quickly and after a delicious supper (which was made by the owners of the B&B) Ashlyn, Raoul, and I were taken to the lovely Cove Resort to rest up before our flights left for home in the morning.

I legit was emotional about leaving the Swimco team when I got to the Cove. I didn’t want the experience to be over and I wasn’t sure when I would get an opportunity like this again. To be honest, I’m still kinda sad about it! hahah.

But here’s why I was so emotional: I felt connected to the women I had just met and the message Swimco was sharing with the world through their summer campaign.

They believe bodies of all sizes, shape, age, and ethnicities are beautiful. Loving and accepting yourself & your body is beautiful. Having the courage to share and teach that type of confidence to the world is beautiful.

That type of message resonates hard with me. I believe it whole heartedly and hope that you all can learn to love yourself and your body a little more after reading this post. Because if I can take pics that will be published all over social media platforms in a swimsuit that shows off my curves, my mommy tummy, and cellulite – then so can you!

Life is so short. Please cut yourself some slack and remember all of the amazing things your body can do!

If you haven’t seen it yet, Click here to read my interview with Swimco & shop my favs from their site!

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