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Elizabeth.Lyn’s New Capsule Collection

You’ve heard me rave about this Saskatchewan jewelry company before (check out this post from our spring collab if you need a refresher!) but I just had to share her with you all again because she just launched a new capsule collection today that I have been OBSESSING over!

I’ve been digging the coin jewelry trend for a little while now, but often find this trend to look too bulky for my personal taste and sometimes even cheap looking IMO. Leave it to Elizabeth.Lyn to find a way to tweak this trend for the better by adding her delicate, timeless touch to it! 

I was particularly drawn to three necklaces from this collection: the Cressida double wrap choker, the fleur, and Saint Christopher coin. I love that I can wear them all separately, or as a set of two or more! I also love that they are gold instead of silver – which is again, just a personal preference of mine.

This capsule collection has pieces in it that have deeper meanings & bring forward some of my own personal beliefs. That’s more than just jewellery to me – That’s showcasing who you are / what you believe around your neck. And I’m into it.

You can check out Elizabeth.Lyn’s website here – but don’t forget to also go check out the giveaway on my Instagram feed for a chance to win a $75 gift card to grab some of your own goodies from this stunning new capsule collection!!

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