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Looking Back on 2018

I can’t believe it’s already the end of December! This year is just one of those years that seems to have flown by for me. I wasn’t really feeling the urge to do a NYE / Resolution blog post, so thought I’d take you all on a little ride back in time with me instead.

I think more often than not, we use New Years as a way to push what happened in the past to the side and make goals/plans for a bigger, better new year. Though I’m totally not against this (planning’s one of my fav things in the whole world if ya didn’t already know that about me! lol) I also think it’s super important to reflect, and celebrate your accomplishments/findings from the previous year.

dress c/o Isabella Oliver

So here are my highlights (both personal & blog related) from 2018…

Viewing Kiteen’s Closet as a Business. This is a big one, so it’s going first! This completely allowed me to shift my thinking regarding what this blog & the work I put into it means to me and what it COULD mean in the future. If you want to read more about this particular highlight, you can check out this post!

New relationships/friendships. I’ve met and made so many new friends as well as formed new business relationships this year! It was a great year of “connecting” for me. Through email pitches, to chatting more with local boutiques, to meeting and getting to know some very sweet followers… I have loved this part of 2018!!

Multiple Family Trips. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m lucky AF in the trip department. Growing up, my family went on one family vacation in total. Before I dated Davin, I could count on one hand the number of times I had been on a plane. But Davin loves to travel and is a seasoned pro as he’s grown up travelling with his family his entire life! Which means we try to travel as a family as often as possible. From Disney in March (my parents even came for a couple days on this trip making it extra special!) to multiple roadies to the cabin/Saskatoon to Hawaii this December… we’ve had the best time exploring new and familiar places as a family.

Watching Violet Grow. This one will prob be a highlight of mine every year.. but for real you guys – it makes me emotional to look back and see how much V has grown! She went from barely walking to running, baby talking to talking in full sentences, counting/singing the alphabet, making new friends, discovering new interests & hobbies, saying I love you/giving us hugs & kisses on the regular, to my personal favourite part of her growing up so far: BEING FULLY POTTY TRAINED. It’s all bittersweet. Anddd I’m going to stop talking about it so I don’t start bawling.

Swimco Photoshoot in Kelowna. There is no way I could leave this experience out of my highlights list from 2018. This trip was incredible and I gained so much confidence in my body and my ability to keep sharing who I am in the form of my blog with you all thanks to Swimco. If you want to learn more about one of the best experiences of my life, check out this post! You won’t be disappointed.

A Deepened Faith. Were you scrolling’ through thinking daaam, Kit’s life really IS all sunshine and roses!? Lol I hope not – because no one’s life is! I’ve definitely had my share of struggles and learning moments this year. From trying to conceive a second baby through most of 2018, to my Dad having a terrifying farm accident that almost cost him his life, to losing both my Grandma & Aunt Wendy.. some days have been rough. But when I look back at the tough times from this year, the main thing that comes to mind is how much stronger my faith grew in each and every one of those situations. I am SO thankful for my faith. God throws us a lot of curve balls in life, but he is GOOD. And my trust in His plan grew more this year than ever before!

Hitting 10K Instagram Followers. I remember the night I officially hit 10K like it was yesterday. I was on cloud 9 and so incredibly proud of myself! Hitting 10K might seem like a huge feat to some and peanuts to others, but to me it was one of the largest blog goals I had set for myself to date.

Being Pregnant with Baby #2.The last & my most favourite highlight from 2018. I cannot wait to meet the little turkey growing inside me & see where life takes us as a new family of four! Things might get a little quiet on my blog for awhile around the end of March.. But don’t worry – I’ll be back – with full boobs (sorry is that TMI? lol) & and an even fuller heart! 😉

Cheers to celebrating YOUR 2018 highlights and setting yourself up to crush all your goals & dreams in this New Year my friends,

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