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Capsule Wardrobe: 12 Items Styled 12 Ways

One of the main questions I get asked regularly is what & how many pieces does a woman really need in their wardrobe? I’m a shopaholic, and completely clothing-obsessed (if you haven’t already noticed! lol) so the response I want to shout from the rooftops initially is ALL. OF. THEM. But I recognize that’s not realistic and truly not necessary! So instead, I wanted to create a list for you of the items I consider “must-haves” in every woman’s wardrobe and why that particular item made my list.

LeggingsA true closet staple for the majority of women out there. Leggings are the easiest (and most comfortable) base to start with. Wear them around the house in the afternoon with your kids, during a day of travel, or an evening out with a dressy tunic & heels. I personally prefer my faux leather leggings over a regular cotton pair – they will give any outfit more texture and personality!

Button-up Top. Whether you work in an office or not, I promise you will find use for a button-up top at some point! Since I work from home, my version of a button-up is in the form of a casual chambray shirt. If you are required to dress up more for your job, your button-up might look more like a structured cotton in a fun, versatile print or a neutral silk blouse that you could pair with anything else in your closet.

Denim Jacket. If you don’t already own one of these – WHY?! A denim jacket will always be one of my favourite wardrobe staples. You don’t have to get one in a trendy wash or fit, but you should have at least one in a medium wash, that fits your body well, and is by a brand you love & trust.

Ankle Boots. For the days where the temps are too chilly to get away with runners, flats, or sandals. I feel ankle boots are more versatile than high boots as they are easier to pair with not just pants/jeans, but skirts and dresses without things looking too bulky.

High Waisted Jeans. Ladies – high waisted pants are your friend! Having jeans that come up to the smallest part of your waist (for me, that’s right above my belly button) draws the eye in and is the most flattering fit for any woman’s body. Opt for a medium to dark wash instead of a light pair for versatility.

White T-shirt. Similar to leggings, a well-made white t-shirt is definitely a closet staple you should invest in! Find one that fits you right in the arms, has some stretch, and has a slight scoop hem.

Flats or Mules. I couldn’t decide which was more vital – a flat or a mule, so I’ll let you decide dependant on your own lifestyle! Flats are great and easier to dress down, but mules can be more comfortable and also add a bit more class/flare to your outfit than a flat would.

A Black Dress. A classic that will never go out of style – a LBD. Again, the exact one for you might be a different style than someone elses, but that’s ok! Just be sure it fits you properly, makes you happy, and again is well-made so it can last you a decade!

Well Structured Blazer. Again, not just for those of you that work in an office! A blazer is a great piece to wear to the office but also a flattering jacket option for everyday that you can dress down with a pair of jeans and the right accessories.

White Sneakers. Aside from white sneakers being trendy right now, another reason to invest in a good pair when creating a capsule wardrobe is because they are so dang practical!

Striped Tunic. I almost didn’t include this on my list because I don’t think absolutely every woman would consider this a wardrobe staple – but it is such a staple in mine! Stripes are an easy, flattering print that adds a level of interest to any outfit and tunics specifically can be worn with leggings or jeans so the outfit potential is endless!

Black Trousers. For the days/events that a pair of leggings aren’t enough – a good pair of black trousers should be your go-to! I personally love the high-waisted, tie front version that can take you from your day job into the night all the while looking stylish & comfortable.

There you have it, my must-have items for creating your very own capsule wardrobe! The two things all of the items I’ve mentioned above should have in common is that they are all quite neutral in colour (which makes mixing and matching easier) and they all should be well-made. If you want to minimize your wardrobe, you’re going to have to spend a little more on less so those items can last you through the years!

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