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Investing in The Future: Weyburn Credit Union Youth Accounts

Do you have a bank account set up for your child(ren)?

Growing up, I did not understand the value of money. I got an allowance every week and had a part time job in High School, so was able to afford almost anything I felt I “needed”. My parents were super supportive (both emotionally & financially) while I lived at home, so I never felt like I really had to budget. I hope that doesn’t come across as sounding entitled – I definitely understood that I was very fortunate to have the help and support I did growing up!

It wasn’t until I moved out of my parents house and went to University that I really started to understand the value of money. It was then that I decided to start paying attention to what I was spending money on (big shocker – my biggest expenses every month was food & clothing!) and learn more about all the different types of bank accounts out there to help me manage my funds.

Fast forward to now – as a family of four – I care about our money / family investments even more! It is SO important to me that my children feel safe and secure the same way that I did growing up. Which is why Davin & I have already started each of them their own bank accounts.

In celebration of the Weyburn Credit Union making lives better, brighter & stronger for 75 years, they have created a new bank account designed with our youth in mind. The new “youth account” is for anyone younger than 18. They are set up as a basic chequing account, but the WCU will personally deposit $75 into every new youth account created! I love this promotion because it shows that the WCU is just as passionate about investing in the future as I am.

Click here to learn more about the Weyburn Credit Union, their new youth account, and how they can help you & your family prepare for the future.

This post is sponsored by the Weyburn Credit Union. As always, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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