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Crop Tops: Not Just For Teenagers

Not long ago I was chatting with a few of my Mom friends, and the topic of crop tops came up. Every one except for me shared their distaste for this trend. Which provoked me to create a blog post / style session all about crop tops!

Spoiler Alert: I actually really like crop tops! I can see why people (especially those of us over the age of 21ish) do not like them – they can be revealing and unflattering. But I also think they have the potential to be SUPER flattering & are a nice way to incorporate a trend into your summer wardrobe this year!

The secret to a successful crop top outfit as a Mom (in my opinion), is to pair your crop top with high waisted bottoms. Bonus points if the bottom half is also more on the flowy side. This will help balance out the top half which is more slim fitted. Let me give you more of a visual of what I mean:

Wide Leg Jeans / Denim Jacket / Leopard Slides

Tie-Front Pants / Platform Sandals

High-Rise Denim Shorts / Boyfriend Blazer / White Sneakers

Maxi Skirt / Crop Top

I’m not saying a crop top is for everyone. But, I hope you will at least give them a chance after seeing this Momma with hips & a post baby belly in one!

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