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Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

I don’t know about you guys.. but we have a sh*t tonne of weddings to attend this summer! I’m not complaining – I absolutely love weddings. There’s nothing quite like being able to witness two people profess their love for one another. Bonus points if it’s a close friend/family wedding and the party is BUMPIN’. Lol for real though – if you happen to be at any of the weddings I’m going to this summer, there’s a 99% chance I’ll be out on the d-floor. You should probably join me if you see me other there embarrassing myself (and mainly my husband) with my lack of dance coordination!

Since love is most definitely in the air this summer, it’s been a great excuse for me to research the best of the best when it comes to occasion outfits! Here are my picks of what to wear that’ll keep you looking fab, comfortable, and ready to parrrtaaayyyy

*said in the same voice as the chick off of bridesmaids *

Midi/Maxi Dresses


Floral Dresses

happy wedding season to one and all!

dress c/o Chicwish . barrettes c/o Philocaly

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