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*UPATED* Nordstrom Annual Sale

Nordstrom Annual Sale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Nordstrom Annual Sale is one of the biggest, best online & in-store sale events I look forward to shopping every year. Let me break down a few key points about the sale before we dive into my picks:

When can you shop: You get early access to the sale from July 12-18 if you’re a Nordstrom Cardholder (I just applied so will be able to shop early during the next Nordstrom sale!), and then July 19-August 4 is when the Nordstrom Sale is open to the public!

Is this sale worth it for Canadians: YES! Although we don’t get the perks of free shipping and have to pay duty on our Nordstrom purchases, prices are still severely discounted for Canadians. If the sale only offered <20% off, I would say it’s prob not worth it for us Canadians to shop. But since the Nordstrom Annual Sale offers a wide variety of discounts (some as high as 80% off!) on items that are NEW to Nordstrom for the upcoming season, then it’s totally worth it!!

What’s included in this sale: The Annual Nordstrom Sale includes mostly new items from the upcoming fall season. Everything will be going back to full price as soon as the sale is over, so stock up on now on all your fall favourites!

Do I receive a commission: Yes – I will receive a small commission only if you shop using my affiliated links. I’ll never get tired of saying this – I appreciate you all so much for using and asking for my affiliate links! It allows me to continue to do what I love and makes me feel that I am being fairly compensated for the time and effort I put in to scouting out the best deals and cutest items available in the sale for you guys!

Lots of things sell out so quickly during this sale – so I’m sorry if you click on something you really love to find it is no longer available! Keep checking back though – they do restocks quite frequently throughout the sale.


If you missed my little rant about the Nordstrom sale (or just big sales in general for that matter), I just wanted to remind you all that no sale is worth going into debt over. Live within your means and only purchase items you absolutely love & know you will get a lot of wear out of! 🙂

Happy sale shopping beauties,

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