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Life as a Family of 4 (so far)

I’ve been meaning to post a family update on here for months! I initially wanted to share what life was like right after we had Leo. I remember being worried about the unknown and assumed there was a few mama’s out there also worried about how life changes after baby #2.

Seeing as it took me almost 5 months to write this post… I guess I should start by saying life has clearly gotten busier! The first few months were even more of a blur than I recall after having Violet!

Overall though, life has been good. I just feel so lucky.. like all the time. Leo’s been a pretty easy baby/sleeps through the night like a champ most nights. Violet’s been super adorable with him & helps me take care of him as best she can. I still have the best support system in my hubby and family out there…

BUT – I’m not gonna lie you guys.. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with it all. I often feel anxious & like I can’t possibly keep juggling all my current roles (mom, wife, friend, blogger) at once. I feel like I’m on a constant rotation of doing a decent job at one role and a crap job at the other three.

The motto I’ve been trying to manifest these days is rest, not quit when I feel like I need to in all aspects/roles I have in my life.

Some days it seems as though we are trucking along & I’m crushing all the things. Other days, all I do the entire day is make us a decent meal for supper. On the days where I don’t get a lot done, I can be hard on myself. I try my best to remind myself that sometimes doing nothing but cuddling Leo is OK and in fact, needed. But it’s hard – I know my other type A/plan-loving mama’s out there will understand!

It’s also important for my own mental health to squish any negative thoughts that creep up. Comparison really is the killer of pure joy my friend! It’s so easy to fall down the rabbit hole of comparing your life to your interpretation of someone else’s. The reality is: none of us really have our shit together & we are all just doing the best we can in our current circumstances.

Again though, overall I just feel really lucky. Lucky to have two healthy, relatively happy, growing kids. Lucky to have a super involved husband to help me raise them. And lucky to have so much support from our parents. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – for those of you raising young children with little to no help.. I don’t know how you do it! I would def be a train wreck by now if it wasn’t for constant help & guidance from my support system.

As we enter into another busy harvest (hence why Dav isn’t in any of these “family” pics lolol), I can’t help but worry that this will be the toughest season our family will have to face yet. Knowing that I have great support behind me & that it’s OK to rest when I need to is what is going to get me through! Well that & the bottles of wine I just bought lol.

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